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Coldwell Banker is your partner in every aspect of your move! Your Coldwell Banker Agent has contact with thousands of Real Estate Brokers all over the United States who can give you information on schools, neighborhoods, recreation and may other amenities associated with your new community. If you have some special needs or requirements in your search for a new home, we will find the perfect agent match for you. 


Moving Checklist

Six weeks prior to moving:

  • Fill out post office change-of-address cards.
  • Ask your doctor or health plan provider for referrals & obtain all medical records.
  • Arrange to transfer school records.
  • Collect all other important documents veterinary, legal, and financial you may need.

Four weeks prior to moving:

  • Arrange any special transportation needed.
  • Make any travel plans necessary for your move.
  • Obtain packing materials and start packing items you won’t need until after you arrive at your new house.
  • Schedule disconnection of all utilities at your old home, and connection of them at your new one. Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive.

Two weeks prior to moving:

  • Service your car in preparation for the move.
  • Cancel newspaper delivery.
  • Notify creditors of your move.
  • Send change-of-address cards to everyone who will need to contact you.
  • Transfer prescriptions and be sure you have adequate supply of medications on hand.
  • Pack a travel kit: Flashlight, personal phonebook, toiletries, tools, paper plates, cups, towels, travel alarm clock, aspirin, bandages & games for the kids.

One day before moving:

  • Transfer bank accounts.
  • Close and empty safe-deposit boxes.
  • Settle any bills with local businesses.
  • Obtain travelers checks or cash for trip.
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More than 26,000 students attend 42 area schools ~ 18 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 5 high schools, 2 multi-grade schools, 3 special purpose schools, 1 adult/technical school and 6 charter schools and one virtual school.

Private Schools 
Adventist Christian Academy
Bacot Adademy Inc.
Beacon Preparatory Academy
Better Education System 4 Today, Inc.
Covenant Christian School
Eagle Nest Christian Academy
Gulf Coast School for Autism
Holy Nativity Episcopal School
Kaleidoscope School of Discovery
Panama City Advanced School
Panama City Renaissance School, Inc.
St. John Catholic School

Class Reunions
Please see your school's web site and/or administration staff for more information on organizing class reunions.

Communities Served

Click on a community to find out more!